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How to use Raileasy

New to online booking? Or simply unsure about booking, or want to see if there's anything you are missing? Below is your step-by-step definitive guide on how to use raileasy. If you are still unsure or want a answer to a simple question please go to our FAQs page.

Step One - The homepage

Simply select your journey details and preferences- and don't worry you can change the class of travel and compare first class, standard and combo fares easily on the fares page. If you're travelling to a destination and you're not sure of the closest rail station use our station search box - this clever tool will provide a list of all local stations and where they are located on an interactive map.


  • Children? - Children under 5 travel for free BUT this is under the assumption that they would sit on an adults lap SO if you want your child to have a seat you will have to book them a child ticket.
  • Railcards - if you select for any railcard this will apply to ALL passengers SO if you're travelling in a group with multiple railcards simply use the shopping basket to purchase separate tickets for each different railcard holder for the same journey.
  • Advance Options- If you are flexible on your travel times then one of the best tools for you is our 'FIND CHEAPEST FARES' selection - it will pull up a timetable of the cheapest fares throughout the day. It's also worth checking out 'OVER-TAKEN' trains if you don't mind travelling for longer for cheaper! -Those who want to avoid changing trains or worried about changing on unfamiliar stations can select 'direct trains only' and/or 'allow more time for changes'. You can even have the option here to travel via, avoid or stop at any rail station.


Step Two - The Timetable & Fares Page

This page displays the timetable for your journey and all available fares - you can also flick to earlier and later trains easily at the bottom of the timetable.

Fare selection circle - unselected Highlight this icon to book tickets - select two times for returns, and one time for a single by. If it's a return journey then the two icons must be in the same horizontal line i.e. be the same price

Fare selection circle - selected This is how the icon appears once selected.


Information IconInformation Icons - These icons link to important information and it's recommended you click on these when selecting a fare to ensure the ticket meets your needs before you book.

Information IconFare Information- details of the selected fare including if it is cancellable/refundable, its validity and flexibility can be found by clicking 'i' icon next to the fare price.

Information Icon Journey Information - details of the journey including: total journey time, train operators, journey leg details and catering facilities can be found by clicking on the 'i' icon underneath the arrival and departure times under the heading 'Info'.

information icon greyFlexible Fare Key - All the fares are colour coded to show the level of flexibility the ticket has by clicking on 'i' the icon next to 'flexible fares' it will display a key of what colour represents which fare.


Flexible or Cheapest? - You can opt for flexible or cheapest in just one direction or both, if you're not sure you can easily flick between options to see what meets your needs. The darker the colour the more flexible the fare and the more flexible the fare the more expensive (generally). **Remember the cheap fares are subject to availability and some flexible fares are not valid at all times so not all colours in the key may be shown for your journey.

First or Standard? - You can also easily compare first class and standard class tickets under 'Change fare class' - it's worth checking out as first class in one direction COULD be the same as a standard class return.

Change Journey - if you want to change any other journey details please click on 'change journey details' which will take you back to the homepage.


Step Three - Your Basket

Add another journey basket icon The basket shows summary details of the journey you are about to purchase. You can also add another journey by clicking on use this option if you are booking the same journey with multiple railcards.

edit delete basket iconIf you realise any of the details are incorrect or you no longer want the journey simply edit or delete


Step Four - Personal Details

Just enter your details, the email is required so that we may email your booking confirmation to you, and a phone number is required just in case there are any issues with your booking.


Step Five - Delivery Details

Choose your preferred delivery options. We offer 3 types
- TOD (collect at station) - Raileasy always recommend using TOD
- First Class Post
- Special delivery

Not all stations are TOD, but if you departure point is non TOD you may collect the tickets from any other TOD station click here for a full list of TOD stations. If you want your tickets posted we recommend recorded delivery - as this guarantees tickets safe arrival. If you're travel date is within 5 days postal will not be an option. We also do not post outside of the UK. If you are having your tickets posted you will have to enter a delivery address, this may be the same or different to your billing address.


Step Five - Seating Preferences

Here you can opt to reserve seats for your journey and select your seating preferences - we do not charge for reservations. Only advance tickets come with guaranteed seat reservations. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet all your requirements but we will assign reservations and preferences where possible.


Step Six - Payment

Now all you need to is enter your billing details. Please make sure the billing details you enter match exactly with those held by your bank or card issuer otherwise the booking will fail - please check with your bank or card issuer for clarification. If you have opted for postal and your delivery address previously entered is the same as your billing address please tick the box 'Billing address is same as the delivery address'. At the moment Raileasy charges a booking fee of £2.50. We charge a credit card fee of 4.5% of the total transaction. When 2.5% of the total transaction works out to be more than £5 we charge a fee of 2.5% instead. Raileasy DOES NOT charge for using debit cards.


Step Seven - Purchase

This page gives a summary of your journey - please check and double check all details are correct before pressing pay.

edit delete basket iconIf you notice any details are incorrect you can always go back to the page by clicking on the tabs in order or by clicking on your basket and selecting edit or delete journey, below the price


Step Eight - Confirmation

Done! Your booking confirmation will appear on screen, the booking confirmation is also emailed to you but for various reasons beyond our control they sometimes do not reach customers so please print off for your records and make a note of your reference number- you will not be able to bookmark this page


Please Note: Raileasy is unable to sell the following products:

Season tickets
Cycle reservations
Tickets in exchange for warrants
Tickets including admission
Privilege tickets for Railway Staff
Rail station car parking
Cycle storage at stations

Please contact your train operating company for more information.




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