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Euro Lowsaver - Standard Class Return (ELR)

Standard class flexible return ticket only valid when presented with evidence of onward European travel via Eurostar eg a Eurostar booking reference. Please take your email confirmation with you as this will have your Eurostar reference. Please remember your passport which you will need for Eurostar check in, this can be asked for as evidence of onward Eurostar travel.


Any train on the dates on the tickets. The outward Eurostar journey must take place with 24 hours of arrival at London St Pancras International and the return National Rail journey must take place within 24 hours of arrival on Eurostar. If your National Rail journey is delayed, please make sure you get your ticket marked as such by the onboard inspector. Then you will be entitled to travel on the next Eurostar train if you miss your Eurostar train and have a fixed time, non flexible ticket. If your Eurostar train is delayed, please also get your ticket marked with the delay by the onboard inspector. Though this National Rail ticket is flexible and can be used on various trains, this is useful to cover all eventualities in ensuring your return journey.

NOTE: Please check your ticket and booking details carefully, since it it possible that further restrictions on the validity of this ticket may be imposed.

Break of Journey - permitted

A break of journey is permitted on the RETURN journey only, unless otherwise indicated under Restrictions, provided that the break of journey occurs at a station on the designated route between the stations named on the ticket. The journey must be completed within the validity of the ticket.

Prebooking - is not required

Pre-booking is not required.

Reservation - is not required

Reservations are recommended but are not compulsory.

Alteration of your journey - is not permitted

If a date of travel is to be changed then please re-book and the original ticket can be cancelled. Refund of the original ticket will be subject to GBP10 admin charge. Please also check the Eurostar ticket conditions about exchanges. If this ticket is changed, the Eurostar ticket has to be amended too if there is more than 24 hours between the National Rail and Eurostar journeys so please check the Eurostar fare terms as well. Refund claims must be raised within 28 days of the original return travel date.

Cancellation of your journey - is permitted

Full refund (minus a standard GBP10 administrative fee) if the ticket is submitted wholly unused within 28 days of the return travel date on ticket. Please note the Eurostar ticket conditions as well in case you might want to cancel the entire journey. This ticket has to be cancelled as well if your Eurostar ticket is cancelled, this ticket cannot be used without a Eurostar booking. Please fill in our online refund application form.

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