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Adv Breakfast - 1st Class Return (1DB)

First Advance Breakfast is an advance fare and includes a Full English Breakfast.

Addition benefits

Fare includes a full English breakfast


Valid on the time and date shown on ticket and reservation coupon only.

NOTE: Please check your ticket and booking details carefully, since it it possible that further restrictions on the validity of this ticket may be imposed.

Break of Journey - not permitted

A break of journey is only permitted to change to/from appropriate connecting trains as indicated on your ticket(s).

Prebooking - is required

Tickets must be purchased before 18:00 the day before you travel.

Reservation - is required

Seat reservations are compulsory.

Alteration of your journey - is permitted

Alteration of your ticket is permitted (A standard GBP10 administrative fee will apply). Please fill in our online refund application form.

Cancellation of your journey - is permitted

A full refund (Minus a standard administrative fee) if cancelled before 18:00 the day before travel

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Find a Cheaper Fare

If you book with us then find a cheaper fare becomes available for the exact same journey on Raileasy we will refund the original FREE OF CHARGE when you re-book as part of our BEST FARE GUARANTEE